DVR video nadzorni Quad processor

DVR video nadzorni Quad processor

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DVR Quad processor za 4 kamere (združi 4 video signale v 1 sliko)

PAL 860x625 25fps
NTSC 860x525 30fps

Camera IN: x4 Channel Video Input for 4 Cameras (BNC)
VCR IN: Playback video Input from VCR (BNC)
VCR OUT: Video Output to VCR for Recording (BNC)
Monitor OUT: Video Output to Monitor (BNC)

Main Menu: Enter main menu (display on monitor)
Play/Freeze: Picture Freeze/ Playback Recorded Images
Auto: Automatic Channel Switching from Camera to Camera
Mode/Zoom: Display Quad PIP (picture in picture) on Monitor/ Zoom
Channel Select

Menu Selections
Title Set: Modify Title (camera) Name
Time/Date Set: Adjust Time and Date/ Select Date Format/ Set Cameras to Display Date
Display Set: Set Channel Switching Time/ Select PIP Positions/ Adjust Channel Brightness+ Contrast
Alarm Set: Setup/ Adjust Monition Alarm for Cameras (camera must have motion detection)/ View Alarm History

Languages: English, Chinese

Power Source: DC 12V

Dimension: 35mm x 190mm x 130mm (L x W x D)



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